Thursday, June 16, 2011

free runescape bot downloads

Free and easy to use Runescape bot!
Ultimate free Runescape Bot! [Best bot since Aryan]
Runescape gamers would love to have Free Runescape bot for 2011, right?.
To make life easier for everyone we provide you with rs bots free!, free runescape bots are programmed to control your character on auto, giving you the freedom to do other runescape things while your character interacts with the virtual world doing things you install it to do, such as mining/grinding for experience.

* improved runescape fishing bot
* added free runescape account creator
* upgraded rs autominer bot
* fixed rs auto woodcutter
* added rs thieving bot script

Download The RS bots:
Download the newest version of the rs bot, check it below.

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Runescape Automine Free Download
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[free] runescape bots of 2011

Will my account get banned for using RS bots ?

To be honest it all depends. If you are using some bot coded by someone who is inexperienced, its likely for Jajex to find out you’ve been automating something which you shouldn’t have. But don’t worry , the bots we provide here are pre-fitted to mimic human activities as much as possible. We’ve got a very smart randomizer which will make stuff look normal so that Jajex will have no idea something fishy is going on!

Is this free ?

Yes , it 100% is free. No Fee! Totally free. We know what a hard core gamer is like and very strongly believe that the best things in life are totally FREE . The free runescape bots are the best you will find, why? because iv search everywhere!

So what are you waiting for? Check the download page!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

runescape auto woodcutter bot

The introduction of runescape auto woodcutter bot:
The Free RuneScape auto wood-cutter bot is used to auto-level up your wood-cutting skills without you doing anything. A high wood-cutting skill level enables you to cut down trees that are more rare and expensive. Example: a high level wood cutting skill enables you to cut down a magic tree that can be sold for a lot of gold!

Free runescape auto woodcutter bot

The Runescape auto bot used by probably the most despised players in Runescape community. An auto woodcutter is a program you can download that allows you to be away from your computer for long periods of time and still get all your cuttting done. The auto woodcutter bot for rs cuts trees and takes them to the bank and also goes back to those trees and starts to cut more wood, all on auto!

The features of runescape auto woodcutter bots free:
1. Instant GUI (Graphic Interface)
Easy to read interface for selecting trees to cut
2. Supports all trees
Supports every tree up to magic
3. Bank or Power-Cut

So what are you waiting for download it now!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

[runescape bot] Autofighter FSX Edition

So What is the runescape bot that is free?

The Autofighter is a program that allows you to train your RuneScape character while doing virtually no work.The autofighter is coded in VB (Visual Basic) under the hood, and in our tests performed amazingly well.We'll take you through how it works, and if it's right for you.

So, how DOES it work?
The Autofighter works by clicking on certain colours, which you select.It has technology in it which allows it to bypass colour change problems, and keep going even after "loading" screens.It has customisable options which allow you to use antiban functions such as autochat, and even has functions for taking breaks.It can even talk to people on your friends list, telling them when it takes a break, and telling them when its back.

Is it right for me?
Do you want to be strong on RuneScape doing virtually no work at all?Do you want an almost undetectable program?Do you want to be able to own heaps of people in the wildy?Are you looking to make a pure, quickly and cheaply?If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it probably is right for you.

You said something about tests?
In about 60 minutes of pure testing time, it managed to get our test character (Pure_ForceXXX) to 12 attack and 14 strength at the chickens in lumbridge.For those of you who have tried using an autofighter at the chickens before, this is quite surprising, as most autofighters either lag very badly at the chickens, or stuff up completely. Sadly we didn't have time to test the autofighter out at the cows, but our quick test had very promising results.It occasionally walked away from the chickens, but that wasnt too much of a problem, and it performed quite well with other monsters too.You can use this autofighter on any monster, simply by selecting 2 different colours from it.The niftiest feature in this autofighter was that while it was looking for monsters, it only clicked on them if "Attack" was in the top left corner.This stops you coming back to heaps of bones in your inventory.

So, how does all this rate?
After vigurous testing, we have concluded that this is definitely a 9.5/10 program.It occasionally messed up at the chickens, but it almost NEVER clicked in the wrong place. It hardly ever even moved the mouse towards something other than what you are fighting.
[x] Very Easy-to-use Program Interface.
[x] 2 Monster colors selections.
[x] Can automatically eat food.
[x] Automatically Logsout on low hp.
[x] Train (attack, strength, defence) + Auto Special Attack.
[x] You can pick up an unlimited amount of items.
[x] Automatically chat to friends and public.
[x] Automatic rest. (logout for few minutes then log back in)
[x] Most Anti-random Protection.
[x] Full mouse configuration.
[x] OCR configuration.
[x] Progress Log generation.
[x] All Glitches Fixed[x] Mod Protection
[x] RS2 Window Stay On Top Switch[x] RS2 News!
[x] Autologin + Logout[x] Looks amazing [x] Plus more!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Runescape Bot: RS2Bot

RS2Bot v2 is released! DOWNLOAD NOW!

We have developed a free runescape bot for everyone to use. It has the power to do all random events, built-in breaks, and much more. We release all of our runescape bots free. All you have to do is download the bot below and install it. There's no messing with Java and variables on your computer, the installer below will setup the recommended java settings and everything for you! Popular scripts include: Runescape Autominer, Autofighter, AutoChopper, and more!

Easy to install - no messing with Java environment variables
-No compiling scripts, they're built-in
-Virtual undetectable by JaGeX (with safe botting)
-Powerful Bots: random walking routes.
-Includes compass movement, random event handler, misclicks.
-Bult-In Breaks
-Always updated
-Download Free: RS2Bot (Runescape bot).
-Total Downloads: 186051
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